The sealing set according to the specifications of the filling machine for intelligent filling

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-28
The sealing set according to the specifications of the filling machine for intelligent filling 2019 - 04 - 11 09:14:27 the sealing filler of high degree of automation, generally cooperate to use other machines to form filling production line. From filling to seal to label a line can be completed, greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises, drip tight device also saving a lot of the cost of production for the enterprise. The reason we can drink the sweet drinks, in addition to the efforts of the producers, not ignore the power of the sealing filler. Sealing filling machine is a kind of intelligent machines, filling it according to the set of specifications for intelligent, greatly reduce the manpower, so that the filling of the production efficiency, the following will introduce the working principle of the sealing filler: first out of the bottle washing machine clean bottles by losing bottle into the sealing bottle feeding screw filling machine, by the bottle into the star wheel to turn table TuoPing cylinder and rise. Under the guidance of bottle in the fixed device press filling valve of the feed opening, form a seal. The bottle after being pumping air into vacuum state, the back pressure in cylinder liquid gas ( CO2) Washed into the bottle, when the gas pressure in the bottle and the liquid equals the gas pressure in cylinder, hydraulic valve opened under the action of liquid valve spring. The beer on the muffler umbrella reflection ring guiding role. Automatically along the inside wall into glass bottles, glass bottles of CO2, through the muffler is replaced back into the liquid inside the cylinder. When the fresh rose to a certain height and will be back to the trachea when mouth is closed. Automatic stop wine. Then liquid valve and valve closing, drainage of bottleneck pressure of the gas in order to prevent the gas liquid in bottle fall gushing. As long as set up filling specifications can run, for the enterprise to improve the production efficiency of quantity. Sealing filler of the development of many enterprises has become the necessary equipment, filling sealing machine in the industry. We see in the market of these bottles and drinks are through beverage filling sealing machine for packaging, due to the constant expansion of the beverage market demand and the increase of the beverage manufacturers, the sealing filler of the growing importance of. High performance of the sealing filler is more welcomed by the consumers, so the sealing filling machine manufacturers are trying to reform technology, produce filling is more efficient, more accurate precision and health security more secure, filling sealing machine.
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