The standardization role of beer and beverage machinery industry

by:NEWLINE     2021-06-03
The role of standardization in the beer and beverage machinery industry2017-02-04 09:27 With the continuous expansion of world economic integration, after my country's accession to the World Trade Organization and the reduction of import tariffs, foreign products will inevitably flood into my country's market. my country's beer and beverage machinery Industry products will face more severe challenges. In this regard, how to use standardization to serve the development and protection of my country's national industry and how to use a variety of standardized forms to support the development of new products are new topics worthy of attention. Pay attention to the important role of standardization work in economic development Standardization work has played an important role in the course of my country's economic development. Practice has proved that standardization is the technological foundation for national economic and social development, a bridge for transforming scientific and technological achievements into productivity, an important condition for organizing modernization and integrated production, and promoting technological progress, industrial upgrading, and improving product quality and service quality. Assurance is an important technical foundation for the advancement of an information society. The 'Tenth Five-Year' Science and Technology Development Plan clearly states: 'Implement the development strategy of informatization to drive industrialization.' Informatization construction is an effective means for enterprises to enhance their competitiveness, and its standardization work is the forerunner and basic guarantee for enterprise informatization construction. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, especially since the reform and opening up, my country’s standardization has developed rapidly. So far, my country has issued 19,865 national standards and more than 62,000 industry standards. Basically, a standard system with national standards as the main body, industry standards, local standards, and corporate standards coordinated with each other has been basically formed. At the same time, international standards and advanced foreign standards have been actively adopted, which has raised the level of my country's standards. At present, 43.5% of the national standards and a number of industry standards have adopted international standards and foreign advanced standards, and the rate of adopting international standards in key industries has reached more than 60%. Re-recognizing the role of enterprise standardization work in market competition and the three stages of standardization work Whether an enterprise can win in market competition determines the survival of an enterprise. Pay attention to the important role of enterprise standardization work in market competition. If enterprise standardization work is done well, it can help enterprises win market competition. The three stages of standardization work: First, we must formulate product standards that can accurately reflect market needs and satisfy users. Companies can only truly implement a user-centered strategy. They cannot formulate standards based on their own subjective imagination and past experience. They can only understand market needs, including explicit and potential demand information, and turn this information into standards. In order to develop product standards whose quality is defined by users, can the quality requirements of the users be established. Establish a standard system with product standards as the core to ensure the stability of product quality and the improvement of productivity. Taking product standards as the core, including supporting standards necessary to ensure the implementation of product standards, together form an organic whole called a standard system. Its purpose is to ensure the implementation of product standards and the stability of product quality, so that enterprises can stably occupy the market. Only an isolated product standard does not solve the problem. The formation process of a product quality involves many internal and external factors. These factors cannot be effectively controlled, and the product quality cannot be stabilized. Therefore, the establishment of a standard system is for these factors that affect product quality. Factors formulate corresponding standards to be regulated. Promote standardization in depth, and use a variety of standardized forms to support the development of new products, so that enterprises have the ability to adapt to market changes, that is, the ability to adapt to the market. If a company wants to win the market for a long time, it must have the ability to adapt to market changes, which is mainly reflected in the innovative ability of new product development, which is the foundation of the company's survival. Standardization can ultimately establish the status and value of standardization in the enterprise only when it fully supports the development of new products. Standardization in the age of industrialization laid the foundation for mass production. In the last 20 to 30 years, large-scale production on the basis of standardization has encountered more and more intense challenges. This is the disintegration of market demand and market diversification, and the trend of demand diversification and individualization is increasing. Occupy a dominant position. This is actually a challenge of diversification and individualization of market demand. The core of the challenge is not the mass production method itself, but the result. In the past large-scale production, the products were standardized, and the product development cycle and product life cycle were quite long. The current production model is diversified and customized products instead of standardized products. The diversified and segmented markets are growing rapidly from a unified market, gradually getting rid of mass production and turning to a new production model. People put this new The production model is called mass customization production.
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