The structure of the aluminum foil sealing machine

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-10
The structure of the aluminum foil sealing machine, 2019 - 07 - 09 11:28:06 aluminum foil sealing tube filling machine consists of hopper, on, on colour, filling, sealing, heating and blanking parts. ( 1) On the main control part of hopper, stir and raw materials on the insulation material: after feeding switch on PLC will add filling materials, according to the liquid level real-time signal automatically shut down after meet the requirements. Mixing material: hopper of the raw materials must be fully stirring to ensure the uniformity of filling materials, and quality. Raw material heat preservation: filling materials must be constant temperature in a certain temperature, high temperature materials react to metamorphic, the low temperature easy to agglomerate, 2) Portion of pipe is mainly composed of two pipe valve control two road on the actuator tube: two road tube by the user the freedom to choose whether to open the, under the condition of open, the control part will be implemented according to the signals of the automatic tube on the action. ( 3) For color standard part mainly composed of two color standard of motor and two color code photoelectric. Filling liquid authority in color scale motor movements mainly and the signal plate has a signal ( A signal when the ring is not move) , as well as the current label position if there is a pipe ( Whole conveyor belt, a mobile two station each processing station is based primarily on two tube signal detection photoelectric detection and pass) And according to the color standard photoelectric automatic marking. ( 4) Filling part of the main control action of two head filling head main and signal disc signal ( A signal when the ring is not move) , as well as the current filling position if there is a tube, if you have to open the filling valve filling action, if not close the filling valve does not perform filling. ( 5) The blanking part if there is material will automatically be roof fall of material.
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