The three wine filling machine filling method

by:NEWLINE     2020-07-04
Three wine filling machine filling method of wine filling machine filling the three methods: due to the liquid, chemical and physical properties of each have differences, also have different requirements for wine filling machine. Often USES several methods are as follows: 1, normal pressure filling method is directly under the atmospheric pressure, Weight) The filling method of filling to packaging container material. Atmospheric pressure filling process is: into the liquid, the liquid into the container, container air is expelled at the same time; Stop liquid into the liquid, the container meet the quantitative requirements, into the liquid automatically stop; Eliminate residual liquid, excluding the exhaust of residual liquid. Atmospheric pressure method is mainly used for filling liquid viscosity, gas free materials such as milk, wine, soy sauce, potions, and so on. 2, under the condition of vacuum filling method is below the atmospheric pressure filling method. There are two basic ways: one is the pressure vacuum type, which let the liquid inside the box in normal pressure condition, only on packing container extraction formed certain vacuum degree, liquid depend on the pressure difference between the two container, into the container and finish filling; Another is gravity vacuum type, that is, let the liquid tank and container are nearly equal vacuum state and liquid by gravity flow into the container. At present, the domestic pressure vacuum type is often used to. Its simple equipment, reliable work. 3, such as pressure filling method is the use of liquid tank of compressed air in the upper chamber to packaging container filling, make both pressure close to equal, then the liquid filling method by the gravity flow into the packaging container. Isobaric filling process for: gas pressure; Into the liquid to gas; Stop into liquid; Release the pressure, the residue in the release bottlenecks that compressed gases to the atmosphere, in order to avoid sudden depressurization and cause a lot of bubble bottle, affect the packaging quality and quantitative accuracy. Isobaric method is suitable for the gas drinks, such as beer, soda, such as filling, can reduce the loss of carbon dioxide. Previous page: beverage filling machine in winter how to do maintenance on the next page: beverage filling machinery common problems
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