The working principle and characteristics of mineral

by:NEWLINE     2021-03-02

The mineral water filling machine is suitable for filling various mineral water, pure water, soda water and other food industries. It is an essential machine for drinking water manufacturers. It is based on foreign advanced technology and is based on the filling of pure water and other beverages. Developed according to the requirements of the installation process.
The working principle of the mineral water production line is that the bottles are transferred through the air duct, and then transferred to the three-in-one washing machine through the bottle star wheel. The rotary plate of the bottle washing machine is equipped with a bottle clamp, and the bottle clamp clamps the bottle mouth and rotates 180° along the guide rail to make the bottle mouth downward. In a specific area of ??the bottle washer, the nozzle of the bottle rinser sprays bottle-rinsing water to rinse the inner wall of the bottle. After the bottle is rinsed and drained, the bottle is clamped by the bottle clamp and then turned over 180° along the guide rail to make the bottle mouth upward.
The washed bottles are exported from the bottle washing machine through the bottle star wheel and transferred to the filling machine. The bottle entering the filling machine is clamped by the bottleneck support plate and the bottle is raised under the action of the cam, and then the filling valve is pushed open by the bottle mouth. The filling of the mineral water production line adopts gravity filling method. After the filling valve is opened, the material passes through the filling valve to complete the filling process. After the filling is completed, the bottle mouth drops to leave the filling valve, and the bottle enters the capping machine through the bottleneck transition dial.
The anti-rotation knife on the capping machine jams the bottleneck to keep the bottle upright and prevent it from rotating. The capping head keeps revolving and rotating on the capping machine, and realizes the actions of capping, capping, capping, and capping under the action of the cam to complete the entire capping process. The finished bottles are conveyed from the capping machine to the bottle conveying chain through the bottle discharging dial wheel, and the three-in-one machine is conveyed by the conveying chain.
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