The working principle of automatic flip tuming machine

by:NEWLINE     2020-07-29
Below we together to understand the working principle of automatic flip tuming machine. Auto flip tuming machine is mainly used for glass bottles, pet bottle filling before washing, mainly into the bottle, grasp the bottle, flip, irrigation, water control, flip reset and out of the bottle, fully automatic operation, stable and reliable, and suitable for each brewery, beverage factory, spice factory and other manufacturers, with other systems. Tuming machine working principle: 1, through mechanical means to wash the bottle to turn in a fixed orbit, using different temperature of hot water dispenser of the central government to spray bottle, then a blank line titration, eliminate the residual water in the bottle. 2, after blunt bottle of water used by collecting trough cycle returns to the tank. 3, when the tank level is lower than the level cap the automatic filling water. Introduce the above three is the working principle of automatic flip tuming machine.
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