The working principle of system of aluminum foil cover sealing machine

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-19
Aluminum foil cover sealing machine, the working principle of the 2019 - 04 - 29 09:17:34 aluminum foil cover machine by PLC and touch screen control, such as using 8 equal station, filling, sealing, cutting of plastic hose to the tail and out of the tube. Automatic pipe, open the switch function for each station, press the run button, at the beginning of the PLC controlled machine periodic work: rotary began to counterclockwise a workstation, stop rotating wheel after putting in place, the aluminum foil system of machine and automatic tube feeding, automatic filling, automatic sealing, automatic cutting tail and the tube body are working at the same time, Note: the filling and sealing mechanism respectively equipped with infrared detection switch, must be detected under the condition of plastic hose will work) 。 When each end of the work, each agency reset. On the one end of the work cycle, the next one work cycle, the cycle. After a work cycle, aluminum foil cover machine plastic hose with rotary move to the next station, accordingly. Plastic hose can be artificially tube, automatic filling, automatic sealing, automatic cut tail and out of the tube, the machine packing job completion.
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