The working process and precautions of beverage filling equipment

by:NEWLINE     2021-04-24
The working process and precautions of beverage filling equipment2017-02-04 09:21 The beverage filling equipment system uses mechanical filtration, activated carbon, and softening filtration as the pre-treatment to effectively remove suspended solids, sediment particles, organic colloids, and Organic matter, peculiar smell, residual chlorine, calcium and magnesium and other impurities are pre-desalted by a program-controlled reverse osmosis device to remove most of the soluble salt substances, bacteria, heat sources, etc. in the raw water to ensure that the quality of the finished water meets the standard. The beverage filling machinery production line can be divided into three steps: washing, filling, and capping according to its functions. The working process is as follows: 1. Put the empty barrel mouth rod into the delivery barrel for support, and the empty barrel gap movement chain moves one station. At this time, the empty barrel is upside down and the barrel mouth and barrel body are rinsed. 2. There are three processes in the washing process: the first is clean water, the second is disinfectant, and the third is sterile water (mineral water) washing. After washing, there is 10S time for dripping. 3. The cleaned net bucket rotates 45 degrees down with the chain, and the plastic bucket slides out by itself, and then the top bucket cylinder turns the bucket upward 45 degrees, so that the empty bucket is placed in the filling position for filling. 4. The filling valve is pushed into the barrel by the cylinder, and the automatic exhaust filling valve is opened one by one for filling. The filling time is set by PLC, and the filling time can be corrected by using the multi-function buttons on the panel according to the level of the liquid. In order to achieve a high-quality position. After filling to the liquid level, the excess water is returned to the pure water tank through the automatic exhaust port to reduce the waste of pure water. 5. After the filling is finished, the filled barrel is pushed to the capping station by the barrel-out cylinder, and the cap is capped when the next step is filled, and the whole production process is over. Use inspection and operation precautions of beverage filling machinery: 1. Before starting the machine, check the level of the disinfectant, whether the power supply and air pressure are normal. Use manual methods to check whether the solenoid valves and cylinders are in good condition, whether the action is normal, and whether the rotation of each pump is correct. , Whether the air is exhausted. If an abnormal situation is found, the production shall be carried out after troubleshooting. 2. During the production of this machine, flushing, disinfecting, filling, capping, and capping are performed automatically without human interference, but the operator must closely observe the dynamics of each part, and switch the manual to manual in time to prevent accidents. When the chain position is wrong, manually push the shaft out, and then push the chain to the normal position. Disinfectant should be replenished in time during work to prevent the pump from running idling in an anhydrous state and burning the seal. 3. After the production is over, the residual liquid in the pipeline should be discharged, the gas path and water source should be cut off, and the power supply should be turned off.
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