Three factors restricting the production of beverages from fruit juices in my country

by:NEWLINE     2021-06-06
Three factors restricting the production of fruit juice beverages in my country 2017-02-04 09:42 The first is the raw material factor: Because the varieties of fruit trees cannot meet the processing needs, the problem of raw materials has always plagued processing companies. Only suitable for processing, high-quality fruit for juice can produce excellent juice products. China’s juice industry has developed on the basis of the rapid development of the fruit juice industry and the difficulty of fruit selling. The excess fresh fruit is consumed through juice processing. However, the requirements for raw materials for fresh fruit and fruit for juice are different, so the processed fruit Fruit juice is difficult to meet market requirements. For example, the apple juice used in the production of apple juice in my country is low in acidity, while orange juice processing uses less orange, has a large bitterness, and has high acidity. Foreign processing companies have special fruit raw materials bases for processing. The second is the lack of technology: Due to the ever-expanding market demand, there are high requirements for the production efficiency of enterprises, so many enterprises have upgraded the juice production line equipment, or added the juice beverage production line, which also provides for the juice beverage production enterprises. However, if the technology of foreign advanced juice beverage production line is still very obvious compared with ours, this requires us to continuously upgrade and transform our own technology. Only when the technology can meet the needs of the enterprise, we can be in the high-end With a place in the market, packaging machinery is also facing the same problem. The third is that there are few independent brands: in fact, most of the juices we usually buy are foreign brands, or domestic brands acquired by foreign countries. There are many juice beverage manufacturers in my country, but there are few good brands, basically many The enterprise becomes a foundry for foreign brands. Brand culture is the soul of products. How to manage your own brand and establish a clear image is what Chinese fruit and vegetable companies need to learn. It is understood that the current fruit and vegetable beverage market is also lacking a strong leading brand. According to relevant data, the top ten brands in the fruit and vegetable juice market have a market share of more than 20%. In the beverage industry, the same bottled water and carbonated beverages have a high market concentration, and the top three brands have a market share. Significantly higher than other brands. The absence of advanced brands means that there is a lot of room for brand development. Once you win in the fruit and vegetable juice industry, you can gain more market share.
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