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Three-in-one Filling Machine Principle

Three-in-one Filling Machine Principle


Three-in-one filling machine principle

The empty bottle of the three-in-one unit is flipped to transport into the bottle press by pulling the bottle, and the bottle holder is placed on the rotary plate, and the bottle clip is plugged in 180 ° along the guide rail, so that the bottle mouth will enter downward Bottle machine. In the specific area of the punching machine, the special nozzle is sprayed out of the rolling water and rins the inner wall of the bottle. The bottle is flushed and drained, and the bottle clamp is turned around 180 °, so that the bottle mouth is up. The bottle after washing is exported by the punch machine by a blank wheel by a bottle star wheel and transferred to a filling machine. The bottle entering the filling machine is maintained by the bottleneck pallet card. The filling is reflowed.

The filling mode is the equipped rotating filling, the filling valve is a special structure design, and the filling speed is rapidly stable and the efficiency is high. The sealing portion is automatically covered and automatically seals. On the basis of small bottled water three-in-one, the shading bottle, filling and sealing is integrated. It is not used in the traditional diaphragm-row filling method of the large bottle, and the degree of automation is improved, and the land area is reduced. The number of operators is reduced.

3 in 1 filling machine
Automatic Bottle 3 In 1 Water Filling Machine

Filling machine maintenance

For companies, the use of filling machines is not a problem, but in its maintenance and maintenance, few people know. Before the filling machine, a brush machine and a bottle press, it is necessary:

1. Put then to debug, read the instructions carefully before debugging, ready for the tools used.

2. After the installation, brush machine and the damper machine are installed, the filling track, the bottle disk is adjusted, and the reservoir is covered with material, and all electrical switches are closed.

3. The filling container is inserted into the tooling box, turn on the external power supply, the power outlet must be a three-foot socket, and there is a ground line to prevent the unit from leaking electric shock, turn the machine power switch to ON, the power indicator light.

4. The mounting support plate holds the filling frame and the positioning sleeve on the filling head with your finger, and the positioning sleeve can be flexible, the filling should be exposed or retracted.

5. The switch below the liquid bucket to the open position, so that the material can flow into the total pump, according to the total amount of filling the total amount of each container, adjust the knob of the crank to 20 degrees Left and right, the switch on the filling gauge board is then dial to the open position.

6. When the filling head flows out of liquid is set, the liquid amount fine tuning the nut is tightened, and the filling head housing is filled, and the filling rack support plate is released.

Pay attention to its maintenance after the filling machine is used, and the piston is removed during maintenance, and the fixed screw is removed at the same time to avoid the process requirements of another. Before the piston filling machine was cleaned, the remaining products should be cleaned and then filled with soft cleaning fluid in the bucket. The cylinder has been added to the factory, please do not open or add any lubricant, the surface of the filling machine is cleaned, and the power-off treatment is made when not working. In addition, while insisting on maintaining and using the filling machine, it is also necessary to test, debug regularly. Only the filling machine can work with healthy work.

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