Ultrapure water device of three points for attention in use?

by:NEWLINE     2020-07-01
Ultrapure water device of three points for attention in use? Ultrapure water equipment: mainly through four filtering precision filter, activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis membrane, etc. They are relatively full, precision filter and activated carbon filter is, in fact, the protection of reverse osmosis membrane, assume they failed, then load of reverse osmosis membrane is aggravating, life spans shorter, if continue to boot, the attack of the pure water water quality drop, then increase with the reverse osmosis membrane, reverse osmosis membrane life spans would be shortened. The result is increased the ultrapure water equipment using the asset. So in ultrapure water equipment use should pay attention to three things: 1, the precision filter mainly filters the sediment in the water, and large particles of the material, the new filter is white, the time long will turn brown, the reason was that the cartridge filter sediment accumulation in appearance, this shows that the filter is now can't use, need to replace filter promptly. 2, activated carbon filter is mainly can remove the peculiar smell in the water, residual chlorine and other organic matter, in general, activated carbon is to replace once a year, because activated carbon is see no change in appearance. 3, reverse osmosis membrane is a very important component in ultrapure water equipment. Stature is generally 2 - reverse osmosis membrane For three years.
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