Various valves and filling machines are an important part

by:NEWLINE     2021-06-04
Various valves and filling machines are an important part 2020-09-28 09:50    When the filling machine is in operation, it will involve an important factor that affects efficiency. This is the valve of the filling machine, which can be divided into There are two types of mechanical valves and electronic valves, both of which are the same in terms of process flow:    1. Mechanical valves are generally distributed in the form of rotation angles in terms of time, because they control vacuuming, charging, opening and closing the wine valve, and venting. The sliders or levers for pressing and other actions are all placed on the control ring according to the rotation angle. In fact, the rotation angle is determined by time and is the corresponding rotation angle shown at the normal operating speed. When the speed of the filling machine is lower than the normal running speed, the time to complete the entire process increases, and vice versa, the time for overspeed operation is shortened. Therefore, the over-speed operation of the filling machine may affect the filling quality, such as increased oxygen increase, uneven liquid level and even anti-foam phenomenon. 2. The electronic valve control of the electronic valve filling machine can be controlled by a PLC relay, which can be controlled according to the preset variables of the computer or a quantitative electronic valve. The constant electronic valve completes each step of the filling process when the speed changes. Always stay the same. There is no speed limit in the equipment, and the effect of overspeed is only the shortening of the pressure relief time, that is, the subsequent process, and it will not have any impact on the previous processes such as evacuation and filling. Before using the filling machine, you must clarify the relevant operating points. During the operation of the filling machine, you should observe whether the parameter display on the equipment is normal or not, and you should not leave at will. If you encounter an abnormality, you should stop the machine immediately for inspection and remove the filling machine in time. For various failures that may occur, the filling machine operator must receive professional training, so as to ensure the stable operation of the filling machine.
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