What is atmospheric filling machine | juice filling

by:NEWLINE     2021-02-27

Many beverages, such as juice, milky beverages, and syrups in the secondary filling of soda, do not contain carbon dioxide, and atmospheric filling machines are generally used.

Atmospheric filling machine is mainly composed of filling system, bottle in and out mechanism, lifting bottle and tank mechanism, workbench, transmission system, etc., which are used for filling airless liquid. This type of filling machine is generally rotary.

Under the action of the transmission system, the rotating shaft drives the turntable and the metering cup to rotate together, and the liquid material flows into the metering cup by its own weight from the storage cylinder through the pipeline. Under the action of the cam, the bottle holder drives the bottle up. When the bottle mouth rises against the gland plate, the spring is compressed, and the slide valve slides upward in the inner hole of the movable measuring cup. With the rotation of the rotating shaft, the well-defined measuring cup has turned away from the bottom of the feed pipe and entered the filling position. When the slide valve rises to open the liquid inlet hole, the liquid material flows into the bottle, and the gas in the bottle is discharged from the four small grooves on the lower surface of the gland plate to complete the filling task of a bottle. As the turntable rotates, the dosing cup goes directly under one by one to complete the dosing work. When it turns away from the dosing position and enters the filling position, it starts to fill the bottle again, and continues to work like this.
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