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What Is Bottle Water Filling Machine

What Is Bottle Water Filling Machine


The water filling machine is a mechanical filling of the bottle drinking water batch.

Bottle water filling machine is a pure water plant or mineral water plant specializing 3 gallons, 5 gallon buckets of automatic filling equipment, the equipment is simple, only 1 ---- 2 workers can operate, it is Disinfection, rinsing, cover, cover and delivery, in one, using three-phase communication 380V power supply, widely used in urban, industrial and mining enterprises and individual units.

The device adopts the performance reliability, easy operation, and simple microcomputer control system and pneumatic control system, which effectively prevents pure water or mineral water in a closed state in a closed state. Secondary pollution that may occur during the process is true sterile filling, which is the most ideal pure water / mineral water filling equipment in China.

water filling machine                
              PET bottle Pure Water Filling Machine

filling machine                

                      Water Bottle Filling Machine Filling

Filling machine working principle

This machine uses automatic program control, and its work is as follows:

1. Wash the bottle:

After five stations, the first station was disinfected with chlorine dioxide (ClO2), the flushing time was adjustable, the first station time was 12s, the second station was 12s, and the third station was 12s. The fourth station is pure water cleaning, and the time can be adjusted depending on the demand, and the fifth station is to deliver the residual water in the rinsed bucket.

2. Filling:

Washing a clean barrel through the conveyance of the chain conveying mechanism, falling on the supporting barrel mechanism, the supporting barrel mechanism will be helpless, filling the valve, start filling, the filling time can be adjusted according to the flow rate of the filling pump.

3. Filling and compression:

When the filling is completed, the bucket transmission is sent to the barrel of the fillet to the cover, and the sleeve is transferred to the cover mechanism, and the capping cylinder is pressed against the cap, so as soon as this The cycle is completed.

Bottle water filling equipment features

1. The whole machine uses card bottleneck suspension operation mode, thus making the whole line movement function more reliable, overcoming the factors that the machine can't operate normally due to the bottle wall, the bottle height error, and also greatly reduces the change Quantity, more convenient and fast when replacing the bottle type.

2. Introduce the latest technology, use heavy-to-state fixed level filling principles, filling speed trial, stable liquid level, no drop.

3. Spring rinsing clamp hand, empty bottle automatically 180 ° with orbit, rinsing inside and outside, highly efficiency.

4. Use magnetic torque torch, realize the cover, and the cover function. The torque torque is steplessly adjustable, with constant force torque fluttering, and does not damage cover, the sealing is strict and reliable.

5. Horizontal rotary gas capsule, has functions such as non-damaging caps, automatic replenishment cover of the hopper in the hopper.

6. Bottle water supply line adopts PLC computer program control and human-machine interface touch screen button, has automatic control of the liquid surface in the cylinder, no bottle does not fill, no bottle does not cover function, and have a bottle star wheel card Downtable, cover, slide, etc.

7. Adopt inverter stepless speed regulation, production capacity digital display, extremely convenient to adjust.

8. Parts in contact with water are stainless steel.

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