What is the market trend of the beverage industry and its processing equipment industry?

by:NEWLINE     2021-04-23
What is the market trend of the beverage industry and its processing equipment industry? 2017-01-24 14:08 The collision of enterprises, technologies and even products will generate sparks. The rum fair provided a wonderful opportunity for the food industry to collide. After the annual rum fair, the food industry and the food processing industry will have a new understanding of the future direction of the food industry. Similarly, through this year's rum fair, the market trend of the beverage industry and its processing equipment industry has begun to change. Although the 2016 National Spring Sugar and Wine Fair has ended, the market signals it released have begun to affect the beverage industry. At the rum party, there are tens of thousands of new and famous products, endless marketing and creativity, and rich and exciting forums and activities. Regardless of the form, they are releasing signals about the industry and the market. This year, tens of thousands of products appeared at the rum party. According to preliminary estimates, more than 2,000 new product categories will be launched this year. But many dealers feel this way. When I first visited, I always felt that this product was very creative, and that new product seemed to have the potential to become an explosion... But, I walked through 3 hotels (Sugar Wine During the exhibition, after more than 20 large hotels in Chengdu set up exhibitions, there will be product selection fatigue: this product looks the same as the one just now, and that product seems to have just changed its packaging. Such a chaotic market environment has seriously affected the healthy development of the industry. As a distributor, on the one hand, you should set an example to help the industry develop; on the other hand, you should enhance your self-protection awareness to avoid the loss of your own interests caused by market chaos. Especially when choosing products, distributors should try to avoid products that are easy to be copied or copied. Even if you choose, you must choose a brand with advantages and competitiveness, otherwise it will be difficult to survive. The market needs diversified development and diversified innovation. Whether it is the diversification of product categories or the diversification of a single product's self-presentation, it is well reflected in the rum party. At the exhibition, almost every company is expanding the market by adding categories. Especially in the two fields of fruit juice and functional beverages, the market segmentation is very clear. For juice, the same grapefruit drinks include honey grapefruit juice (heavy taste), squeezed grapefruit juice (heavy original flavor), and canned grapefruit. The same is true for functional beverages. Some add energy directly, some add calcium, iron, zinc and other essential elements for the human body, and some add food and medicine ingredients. It is worth mentioning that the frequency of functional beverages at rum parties is particularly high. Industry insiders said that in 2016, there will be a large number of small types of functional drinks coming out. Regarding the serviceability of beverage products, most companies are aware of the importance of serviceability. However, as to how to realize it, the current enterprise is still relatively shallow, and it only stays in the way of expressing feelings and expressing feelings through the personalization of emotional cards. Each of our products has such a QR code. By scanning the QR code, you can obtain information such as greetings and health knowledge. A brand person in charge from Hong Kong said that not only that, consumers can get different information prompts at different times in the morning, noon and evening. This allows consumers to enjoy caring value-added services while consuming products. However, in terms of improving the serviceability of products, it should be far more than that. In the near future, the serviceability of products may become the largest market competitiveness of products. This point should be paid attention to and valued by all companies and marketers. With the popularization of the Internet, the Chinese market has entered a new era of integrated marketing and communication. Mobile new media has become the preferred marketing and promotion channel for enterprises and marketers due to its huge coverage and viral communication mode. Nowadays, the competition in the beverage machinery market is a knockout competition, not a ranking competition. From users to customers, with the help of mobile terminals, combined with market and consumer habits, seizing downstream and locking terminals, this series of new marketing thinking has become an inevitable choice for the survival and development of enterprises in the new environment. According to data, more than 90% of WeChat users use WeChat every day, half of users use WeChat for more than 1 hour a day, and 61.4% of users must scan Moments every time they open WeChat. Such market coverage cannot be compared with traditional marketing channels. Follow the QR code and get a free gift package. At the rum party, a QR code poster was erected at almost every booth door. Undoubtedly, from user to customer has become one of the main marketing methods of enterprises. In fact, from the beginning of attention, customers will unconsciously enter the marketing track set by the merchant: follow us first, enjoy our user resources, become our fans, and eventually become customers. Indeed, no matter how prosperous the market is, the overall overcapacity has become a reality, and the internal competition is very huge. Even no matter how successful the marketing strategy is, it will be difficult to win the market in one fell swoop. Today's consumer market, whether it is a dealer or a terminal, requires a process of subjective consideration for every transaction.
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