White wine filling machine technology advantage

by:NEWLINE     2020-07-09
Filling machine technology advantage liquor filling machine equipment can sell well in overseas has its own advantages. What are, the following introduction of liquor filling machine. ( 1) High precision: calibration capacity is 500 ml, the average error of plus or minus 1. 5 ml. ( 2) Capacity adjustment for manual overall adjustment and manual fine-tuning mode, filling quantity standard, USES the import digital display table and encoder, filling capacity directly reflect on the control panel. ( 3) High speed: 3000 6000 bottles/hour ( 500 ml/bottle) , frequency conversion stepless speed change. ( 4) Large capacity: in filling quantity can be 100 - Arbitrary stepless adjustment between 750 ml. ( 5) A wide range: adapt to a variety of different diameter and different bottle filling bottle; Intermediate pillars for adjustable without replacement parts can satisfy the different height of bottle filling. ( 6) No fluid loss: liquid stick wall spray bottle, don't hop, no spillover. ( 7) No broken bottles: using one of the world's most advanced soft organization ( Elastic TuoPing device) Without bottles of high, short restrictions, bottle does not reach the designated position, not broken bottles of damage to the machine. ( 8) Automatic liquid level: ball float liquid level control valve device, liquid level control is stable. ( 9) No impact, soft start, the machine start from low speed to high speed running, don't break the bottle machine. ( 10) The automatic protection: in and out of the bottle thumbwheel the overload clutch protection device, automatic stop alarm abnormal situations ( 11) Beautiful shape: the machine all contact with the liquid and the leakage part made of SUS304 stainless steel, to ensure that by filling liquid is not contaminated, accord with the food sanitation standards. Previous page: the development of wine industry the next page: beverage filling machinery common problems
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