Zhangjiagang City Chenyu Packaging Beverage Machinery Project Details

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-30
Zhangjiagang Niulaan Packaging and Beverage Machinery Project Details 2019-04-11 13:59 Zhangjiagang Niulaan Beverage Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of beverage packaging machinery and various water treatment equipment. With more than 40 years of production practice for food and beverage machinery, it has a large number of talents and rich experience. The company has successively introduced advanced technology at home and abroad, continuously improved its products, and enjoyed a high reputation among users. At present, it produces 2000-12000 bottles/hour of mineral water, purified water, tea beverages at room temperature (hot) filling and bottling production line, 60-300 barrels/hour five gallon barrel production line, 2000-8000 bottles/hour gas-containing beverage production line, 1000-8000 Bottle/hour vinegar, wine filling production line, fruit and vegetable juice, tea, protein beverage production line, various water treatment production lines and six series of complete sets of beverage machinery and equipment. The products are mature and of high quality. It is not only sold well in China, but also exported to more than ten countries and regions such as Russia, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Suriname, Indonesia, etc., and is well received by users. The company meets the needs of customers with technological innovation and pays attention to the reliability of overall performance. As the highest goal we pursue, we provide customers with turnkey projects such as design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, after-sales service, and technical training of beverage machinery engineering projects At the same time, it can also provide new or renewal and expansion of beverage production projects, and provide a full range of consulting services in process layout, engineering support, budget and other aspects. We will share core technology with you and provide you with trusted services is our aim. Beverage Machinery Headquarters is a professional manufacturer of woodworking beverage machinery. The main products of beverage machinery are: automatic beverage machinery and equipment such as sticker machines, covering machines, and slitting machines. Its products are widely used in manufacturers of paint-free doors and decorative material surface treatment. Our company conducts production management in strict accordance with the standards of the quality management system. Beverage Machinery Headquarters 'survive by quality, benefit by management, and operate with integrity' is our tenet. We warmly welcome all demanders to call and write to guide work and negotiate business. The Beverage Machinery Headquarters has always implemented the business philosophy of 'starting with market development and ending with customer satisfactionEnterprise basic system: people-oriented, employees are our greatest wealth, we must respect employees, value employees, trust employees, and give each employee equal opportunities for training, further education, salary increase, promotion and development. We work together to satisfy employees. Business philosophy: Responsible to employees and responsible to customers. Enterprise purpose: to protect the interests of customers, meet their personalized requirements, create cultural value for customers, and pursue customer satisfaction. Beverage machinery is committed to providing high-quality products for wood processing enterprises based on the purpose of creating gold products, providing gold services, and building gold enterprises. Quality, high efficiency, reliable and practical wood processing equipment and production lines. In terms of technology, we have excellent technical developers. In terms of concept, we closely aim at the world's advanced wood processing technology and carry out transformation and secondary development according to the status quo of my country's woodworking industry, and strive to create first-class products that are truly practical, efficient, economical and reliable. Suzhou Niulan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has absorbed advanced technology from Germany and Japan, and has produced high-quality small and medium-sized beverage production lines and complete sets of beverage machinery for many years of beverage machinery production and technology accumulation.
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